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*50 Shades of Leadership/ Jan Myszkowski (E-Book) engl.

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Jan Myszkowski – 50 Shades of Leadership (E-Book)

The decisice moments of inspired leadership

Published October 2021, 200 pages, ISBN 978-3-86774-714-1

Every day, millions of businesses around the world experience the same leadership problems: the managers, doers and wannabes who seek to lead run into traps, pitfalls and stumbling blocks. Whether corporations or startups, whether in Brazil or Berlin.
Jan Myszkowski knows many of them. All over the globe. A top manager himself, he has spent many years on the road, working in the corporate world. During breaks between meetings, in airport and station lounges, and when he has a free evening, he draws. His experiences serve as his inspiration. What emerges is an irrepressible passion for cartoons which seek to capture the little contradictions of leadership.
In his first book, the author has depicted 50 deputy managers from around the globe, staging each of them in typical and true-to-life cartoons. A collection of global curios of leadership. With a clear purpose: those who are familiar with them gain confidence. Those who take them into consideration can train their own personal leadership abilities.
Every first time offers the possibility of a second chance! This is the motto of the manager with the unmistakable penwork and the brilliant “aha!” moments, whose cartoons makes readers smile, while at the same time, in their own inimitable style, teaching them about leadership

About the author:

Jan W. Myszkowski has worked with industry leaders all over the world for three decades, specialising in change management, strategy, organisational design and leadership. His professional experience encompasses leadership positions such as CIO, COO and CEO in the insurance sector, and MD in corporate VC. He completed his master’s degree and PhD in linguistics and politics in Germany, and has an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. His mixture of experience, his diverse educational background, and his creativity gives him a distinctive and inspiring perspective on current business challenges.