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Your Choice / Christopher Peterka (e-book English)

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Christopher Peterka – Your Choice

Analogue opportunist or progressive optimist? An invitation to participate in system change

Published October 2019, 170 Pages

Your Choice is a call to action that encourages us to challenge the status quo and to bring lasting change as progressive optimists.

Change today is happening faster than ever before. We are overwhelmed by new technologies and an excess of information, and we feel that we and what we used to think of as society are being suffocated. Those who drive this change pursue primarily two goals: profit and power. They lure us with clickbait and abuse us as a data pool, reducing our existence to one of human resource and consumer. In doing so they threaten our democracy, our diversity, even our humanity itself. It doesn t have to be like this, thinks humanist and entrepreneur Christopher Peterka. Instead of basing our ambition on purely economic yield, he pleads for a radical new dialogue about being human:

  • Who do we want to be?
  • How do we want to live together as a society?
  • What meaning is our ambition meant to have?

We have to consider these questions afresh, because if we don t do so, others will.

Über den Autor

Christopher Peterka is a humanist and entrepreneur. With think tanks gannaca and THE HUS he advises organisations around the world on their innovation culture and future strategies. His special areas of interest are the new rules for the economy and society, as well as how to be and stay human in the era of Digital Modernity.

Sebastian Michael thinks, writes, and creates across disciplines in theatre, film, video, print, and online, with a deepening interest in the multiverse and a quantum philosophy. He lives in London and travels wherever his projects take him. He is also guest lecturer at TU (University of Technology) Vienna and co-lecturer at ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) Zürich