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CoronaX by d.quarks (engl. version) / Michael Pachmajer, Carsten Hentrich (E-Book-Serie)

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CoronaX by d.quarks (engl. version)

Increase resilience after the crises

The Corona crisis is tough - for the economy, for companies, for managers. But it also offers the opportunity to work on the future now. The experienced authors and sparring partners Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer show in their e-book series how managers and doers must use the crisis as a phase of change - and make their company more resilient to future unplanned events.

The authors present five principles, four fields of competence and a picture of the future, with which organisations make themselves immune to symptoms of crisis and use the corona crisis to invest in the sustainable development of new structures and competences.

About the authors

Carsten Hentrich and Michael Pachmajer are founders and managing directors of d.quarks, the platform for corporate and societal transformation. They are change makers and sought-after sparring partners for leaders. Authors of d.quarks. Der Weg zum digitalen Unternehmen (Management Book of the Year 2016) and lecturers at the Goethe Business School.

Their goal is to get out of one‘s own comfort zone and discard old traditional patterns of behaviour. Both stand for a change of perspective and borderlines between business, politics, science and civil society.

Together they are host of the podcast »Der Moment der Wahrheit - Menschen machen Digitale Transformation«.